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Serves as a trailer ball adapter                        Snow-automation

  SJ-201 AUTOMOTIVE WINCH Our new design and patented

Taiwan Patented   182801

Germany Patented   Nr.20200153.9

USA Patented    US6419179B1

Mainland China Patented   461325


Winch SJ-201 features the cable automatically reeled out or in by the 
roller. It
also can haul away the heavy objects such as yacht, boat,
car, jeep, wood, or
heavy machinery while reeling in the cable. Unlike
the traditional winches, the
benefits of this novel winch are designed 
for tangle-free of the cable, and easy
operation. That is, it can 
automatically reel in the cable in a straight and close way.


With a special additional advice-thread guide, which can maintain the
tension and tight, the cable without any load can be reeled in 
completely to ensure to be reeled
out again. Through the thread guide,
the section of cable between the roller and 
thread guide will be in a
way of slight curve to maintain the tension and tight. In
addition, this 
thread guide can straighten the cable.


Manual operation, which also can haul away the heavy objects of 
hundreds of
kilograms, is provided as an option when required.

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